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What People Say

"Highly recommend grabbing this [first] issue. Great back story of 'Come Monday' by Jimmy Buffett for all you #Parrotheads, and a bunch of other great content!" ~ SandBarSoul, @SandbarSoul

"This new Tropics Lifestyle online magazine is a delight! I am really impressed with the variety of articles and the beautiful photos. It has links for shopping, it has recipes that look and sound delicious and useful info such as how to care for orchids.The cover article about Pickapeppa Sauce was so interesting, especially since I wasn't familiar with that product. Now I need to get some so I can try the recipes! I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I look forward to future issues. As the kids say, don't sleep on this one!" ~ Mary G., Texas

"Tropics Lifestyle Magazine is both captivating and therapeutic. It appeals to that which is good, true, and beautiful. Tropics Lifestyle highlights God’s creation without slipping into pantheism. The magazine appeals to the intellect with thoughtful and well researched articles such as the history of rattan and wicker furniture or the guide for buying pearls. Thank you,  editor and team, for creating this beautiful periodical." ~ Karen E., Texas

"Tropics Lifestyle Magazine is such a refreshing new publication. It brings back wonderful memories of beautiful beaches and tropical islands I've visited, and makes me want to book a beach vacation right now! There were so many interesting articles that kept my attention, especially the one about the octopus artist. I look forward to going on a virtual vacation with the next issue, too. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the beach." ~ Elizabeth S., Ohio

"What a lovely magazine! Especially enjoyed seeing all the beautiful creations by the glassblowing artist, Marilyn Ure, and reading her unique story. The magazine has many other very interesting articles, along with shopping, wonderful recipes, and amazing scenery. It is like taking a mini vacation without having to pack a bag." ~ Pattie G., Texas

"Wondeful website, I like it." ~ Tania R., USA


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