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First Issue of Tropics Lifestyle Magazine Now Published!

Updated: 2 days ago

Tropics Lifestyle's first issue is now out! It's now FREE and will take you to Paradise....

Yes, we know who you are....Some of you live close to a beach; many of you live thousands of miles from a grain of ocean sand. But you all enjoy living life with a tropical mindset, and may even decorate your home oasis with influences from the beach, ocean or rainforest. We know you because we ARE you! Enjoy our new indie publication, published by a lifelong "Palm Life" devotee who has lived in landlocked U.S. states but gets to the beach physically and mentally as much as possible to transform into a chill person.

Our magazine features stories about people, products and places to take you to a tropical paradise in your mind. Read about Jimmy Buffett and other tropi music, artists, home decor, plants/gardens, tropical recipes, beach/ocean activities and hobbies, pearls (gems of the sea), surfing dogs, and much more!

Visit our magazine app page to buy the $3.99 magazine issue, download the html app, and begin reading immediately on your cell phone, ipad or desktop. It's a coastal literary adventure you'll love!

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