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If you're visiting Tropics Lifestyle Magazine, we're guessing you enjoy shopping online for products inspired by the beach, ocean or rainforest as much as we do! With you in mind, we present here a few partner stores we think you'll love exploring. 


Currently we are featuring:

  • is the oniine store of a luxury brand selling handmade and high-quality timepieces, writing instruments, leather goods, and eyewear. Check out its gorgeous mother-of-pearl and abalone pens!

  • The Seashell Company offers the finest quality shells, sea life, home décor, jewelry, accessories and other products from around the world. 

  • Tropical Interiors of Australia (ships to U.S.) sells home decor and accesories reflecting island Boho, tribal, tropical and coastal vibes in mostly handcrafted and authentic goods. Shop its minimalistic, largely monochromatic, and definitely unique items you won't find anywhere else under one roof.

  • Make every day extraordinary with Esty shop Silver Dunes Boutique, a Dubai-based accessories brand (ships to U.S.) selling luxury tech products made with lustrous, natural components you won't find anywhere else. Check out its gorgeous cell phone cases, watches, purses and earrings made of mother-of-pearl and/or abalone shells. Click Etsy link above, login to platform website, then search for "SilverDunes Boutique" (no spaces) store name to find company.

  • Shop Lake City Glass Creations to find handmade glass octopus pieces created by master glassblower Marilyn Ure, featured in our first issue (V1N1) of Tropics Lifestyle Magazine. You'll be amazed at the intricacies of each design, whether it's an octo pendant, jar, pair of earrings, pen, drinking straw or other mesmerizing creation. Great prices; custom orders welcomed.

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