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Since its creation in 1921, Pickapeppa Sauce has established itself as an international legend. A must-have sauce for knowing connoisseurs, Pickapeppa Sauce is now available in every country and can be found on the tables of many fine restaurants, the world over.  Like Jamaica itself, a mixture of diverse worldwide cultural influences through cuisine, music, dance and art.

Jamaicans today are decendents of people from around the world who settled on the island and mixed together.  ickapeppa Sauce is produced in much the same way, a combination of fine ingredients selected from seven countries to ensure the best possible quality…a unique blend of tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, mangoes, raisins, peppers and spices. This blend is then aged in oak barrels for one full year before bottling to ensure the rich flavor that Pickapeppa’s admirers so love. Only 100% natural ingredients are used. Cane vinegar is used as a preservative.

Pickapeppa is most famous for its classic sauce, but this is only the beginning of the exciting Pickapeppa line: Pickapeppa Hot Red Pepper Sauce is a hot sauce with distinctively sweet flavor; and our newest sauces, Pickapeppa Gingery Mango, Pickapeppa Spicy Mango and Pickapeppa Hot Mango are spicy, versatile, and healthy. Pickapeppa products are all natural and contain no additives or preservatives. They are also gluten free, allergen free and suitable for vegetarians. Pickapeppa flavors like no other.

Just like fine wines, Pickapeppa Sauce and Pickapeppa Hot Pepper Sauce require extensive aging to reach fullness and body. There is simply no other way to extract the rich intensity and flavor found in Pickapeppa products. It is this patience and attention to detail that ensures the continuing high quality of Pickapeppa products.


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The Xezo (pronounced “Zee-zo”) brand of luxury products is created for individuals who appreciate striking design, an emphasis on limited-edition production, and traditional “Old World” craftsmanship using only high-quality materials.

Since its inception in 2001, Xezo has followed this credo: To produce sensibly priced, high-quality, handcrafted luxury items in limited quantities. Our luxury items are made with lustrous mother-of-pearl originating from natural sea and ocean saltwaters, solid 925 sterling silver, 18-karat gold, sapphire crystals, solid titanium, brass, surgical-grade stainless steel, and many other exceptional materials. 


To achieve high aesthetics in products’ appearance, the belief that a product produced must exhibit high quality of materials and craftsmanship, which cannot be sacrificed, is utilized. We engage in limited edition productions that assure rigorous quality controls.

Our watches, pens, leather goods and sunglasses all have a very substantial amount of manual labor that goes into manufacturing. In addition, at Xezo we believe that each and every Xezo product must become a unique and yet affordable gift to be cherished.


Each of our exquisite timepieces, fine writing instruments, hand-crafted leather goods and fashion eyewear models is created to reflect your good taste—and the integrity, skills and care of our artisans. Our luxury goods are known for their distinctive colors, striking finishes and luxurious materials.


Once you hold a Xezo product in your hands and see firsthand the spectacular Xezo difference, you will know the reason that each limited-edition piece can rightly be called a “Masterpiece.”

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Logos Nutritionals is a health and nutrition company whose products are known for "Bringing Hope to Life." The company was founded by John M. Burgstiner, a second-generation natural healer, speaker, writer, researcher and gifted nutritional formulator.

According to John, "Logos was birthed out of a desire to create synergy based natural medicines that transform lives, and to empower natural health seekers with knowledge about how to properly nourish, protect and strengthen their bodies."

The company offers unique, synergy-based natural medicines that target underlying causes of illness rather than masking symptoms.  Logos uses all-natural, pharmaceutical grade raw materials presented in their most bio-available form and at therapeutic dosages to provide maximum nutritional benefit.  From raw materials to finished products, the highest quality control standards are maintained.

Logos Nutritionals is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the Burgstiner Wellness Protocol, a comprehensive nutritional support program designed to restore the bioterrain by strengthening immunity, improving digestion, removing toxins and reducing inflammation. 

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