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Our Mission: Tropics Lifestyle magazine exists to share happiness and "take me to Paradise" moments with our readers. We create digital content for individuals who enjoy creating a home oasis anywhere on Earth influenced by the beach, ocean or rainforest. In sum, Tropics Lifestyle is a coastal literary adventure!


Our magazine enjoys partnerships with marketing and PR professionals representing a wide variety of organizations all over the globe. We all share common goals: to entertain or educate our readers, expand their knowledge about products and services of interest to them, and help grow those brands which align with Tropics Lifestyle's mission.

Please directly contact Lisa Bastian, publisher and editor, if you'd like to become part of the Tropics Lifestyle adventure. Send email message to or call her at 760-876-7427 (Central time/Texas).


Some tips and partnership ideas to ponder:

  • First, READ our magazine to figure out if our content aligns with your business. Go to our magazine website, download an issue, and review the articles and videos.

  • VIEW our brief promo videos found here.

  • If our interests align, email us to introduce you and your company. If we're a good fit, then we'd love to receive

    • relevant-only press releases,

    • high-resolution product photos,

    • free editorial content (words or videos) you produce,

    • pitches for either story ideas or people you think we should interview for our magazine, blog or social media channels.

    • anything else that will provide relevant value to our readers.

  • As noted on our home page, we cover such topics as:

    • Home Decor & Accessories 

    • Interior Design & Decorating Tips

    • Profiles of Tropical Brands  

    • Tropical & Coastal Furniture

    • Interviews with Talented Creators 

    • Tropical Recipes

    • Tropical & Coastal Art 

    • Music (Jimmy B. Island vibes) 

    • Plants & Botanical Gardens 

    • Seashells & Beachcombing 

    • Beach & Ocean Activities 

    • Book Reviews

    • Travel & Caribbean Cruises

    • Pearls, Gems of the Sea 

    • Pet Stories & Products 

    • Beauty & Health Products

Additionally, in your role as a PR or marketing professional, we invite you to advance your organization's reach as a paid advertiser or sponsor of Tropics Lifestyle. We have many options to fit all budgets, and are open to working with you to create a campaign that works best for your budget. Learn about our Advertising Opportunities.

By the way, when not producing the magazine, Tropics Lifestyle staff members are building out the brand's social media. Currently, we have 716+ connections on LinkedIn, and add followers every week. This is a healthy growth channel for us, and an excellent outlet for future editorial and sponsorship promotions. Facebook and Instagram also are channels we will focus on for growth. 

Tropics Lifestyle is produced by Lisa Bastian, and the magazine is owned/published by Bastian's Palm Life Publishing company. Bastian has decades of experience as an editor, award-winning contributing writer to national and regional U.S. publications (see, and PR consultant.

Thank you for your interest in Tropics Lifestyle. We hope to hear from you soon!


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